Two Day Yoga and Meditation Retreat

April 1, 2017

$130 for two days, $50 deposit

611 F St, West Amana, Iowa 52203


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Finding balance of mind and body can sometimes be the most challenging aspect of gaining strong personal health. Our lives are simply full of activity, tension, and stress, we forget to take even the simplest of breaths. We run through our active lives never truly listing to our own bodies, letting our minds overwork. Once we began our journey of listing to our mind and body we can truly began to heal and strengthen our energies.

As a busy mother of four, Yogini Deidra was overworked, her body getting weaker with age and felt she so exhausted by the end of the day. However, finding yoga and meditation gradually changed all of that.  Learning to take each pose and slowly breath, she began a journey of personal discovery within her own abilities. Doing yoga poses alone have wonderful benefits, but once Deidra dived deeper into meditation practices she was then able to really strengthen and heal her energies.  As Deidra delve deeper in to her discovery she began understand why and how each yoga pose is connected to our nervous system. Learning and exploring which poses help with digestion, release stress, and other natural healing benefits. The prospect of being able to share with others the healing and restorative nature of yoga and meditation is very close to her heart.  She taught intuitively meditation to high school art students for 14 years. After going to India for deeper training in yoga and meditation it has strengthened her belief in this natural healing practice.  Yoga is not about what others around you can do. Yoga is not about touching our toes. Yoga is about what you discover on your way down.

April 1 & 2 , Michele Maring Miller Studio & Gallery in West Amana Iowa, Amana Colonies will be hosting a Yoga, Meditation & Zen Painting retreat with their daughter Deidra. Deidra recently returned from a summer in Rishikesh, India (birth place of Yoga) with her Yoga and Meditation teacher training. This 2 day retreat is $130, which will explore Zen Painting & Chakra Openers, through painting, meditation & yoga. No previous art experience necessary and all levels of yoga and meditation welcome.

$50 deposit to reserve your spot. Message on Facebook at Yogini Deidra Yoga is for Everyone, email at or call 319-230-0344

2017 Yoga & Meditation retreats at Michele Maring Miller Studio & Gallery 611 Fst West Amana, IA 52203



April 1& 2 and 8 & 9


Michele Maring Miller

call 319-230-0344 or