Neuhaus Kaffee

4304 220th Trail
amana, IA 52203


Neuhaus Kaffee is located inside Bankhaus.  It is the only independently owned Kaffee Shop operating inside a bank in the US that we know of.  You are cordially invited to enjoy the top 1% of fresh seasonal coffee beans sourced from all over the  world.  We offer handcrafted kaffee experience of seasonal single origin coffee beans.  Our espresso are crafted and blended from coffee beans of contrasting and complimentary depth of flavors and sweetness.  We use chocolate ganache from 70% cacao and caramel sauce of the highest quality in our lattes.  Our Chai and Vanilla Tea Lattes are excellently balanced in spices and sweetness.  We use the finest whole tea leaves for every cup of tea that is served.  Come and relax in a newly updated facility complete with a stammtisch table cut from a whole white oak tree trunk.  Or if you are in a hurry to get on the road, or simply wanting to avoid the cold Winter temperatures of Iowa, our drive up is now open!  Just order under the green lighted lamp made in Amana by Mr. Bill Metz, a local tin artist who is a legend in his trade.  Auf Wiedersehn!  (See you!)