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What is Family Style Dining?

by David Rettig
September 17, 2014

When you mention dining in the Amana Colonies most people think of family style meals.  Our restaurants are famous for offering large bowls of several fresh salads, pickled ham and steaming hot vegetables to pass around the table along with your individual entrée portion.  This tradition was born from the old communal kitchen days and still continues.  Today most of our restaurants also offer plated meals but I venture a guess that the family style experience is still the most popular.

Dining in Amana is an experience and for the first time guest a word of caution is in order.  The first course of salads can be easily over indulged in.  I have seen it happen many times, in part, because asking for a refill on the side dishes is allowed.  Guest load up on the salad course and when the meat and the side veggies arrive, in particular the fried potatoes, there is little room left.  My advice to the rookie diner is to take it easy on the salads.  The server will leave them on the table throughout the meal if you ask them to.

Remember, after all is said and done there is still dessert and you will certainly want to have room for some rhubarb pie or apple strudel.