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The village of Homestead is unique in several ways.  It is one long street and not made up of blocks as the other Colony villages.  This was due to the railroad coming through.  Years ago, Homestead was a small stagecoach stop on the way to the west.  The original stage coach building is still there but has been converted into a home.  When the railroad was being extended to the west from Iowa City it came along the stagecoach path but they soon found out that if the train stopped at the stagecoach building it didn’t have enough power to make the slight grade from a stand still.  The stop for the train was moved to the east stretching the village in a linear fashion.  You’ll note that the older brick homes are on both ends of the village and in the center where gardens and orchards once stood are now newer homes.

The railroad also caused the village to become part of the Colonies as the Amana Society purchased the small village to gain access to the railroad so that Amana goods could be easily shipped. Homestead is the only village of the seven that was here prior to the Amana Colonies being established.

Businesses and attractions in Homestead are:

AJs Copper Garden

Amana Community Church Museum

Die Heimat Country Inn and Next Door Event Center

Rawson’s B&B

Troy Thomas Art Gallery

Zuber’s Homestead Hotel