Amana Colonies Amana Colonies

Amana ColoniesAmana Colonies

Main Amana

Amana is the largest of the villages, sometimes called Main Amana by our visitors, it was built in 1855.  As you discover the villages you will find that there are three main parts to the town.

The “Loop” is the sections where the main street angles to the south and runs straight into the woolen mill and then loops back past the furniture shop and reconnects to Highway 220 that runs to East Amana.  You’ll find a variety of attractions in this area including wineries, restaurants, antique shops, the brewery, woolen mill, furniture shop, and a hotel.

The “Back Street” is the street furthest north and home to the meat shop, antique shops and B&Bs.  During the  communal era not only was the meat shop operating but a large soap factory was located on this street along with a brewery.

The “Main Street”, actually it is 220th Trail, but by either name it runs through the center of the village.  You will find all types of attractions here including our history museum, restaurants, wineries, the general store, art galleries, a chocolate shop, antiques, and locally made crafts.

Visit all three areas of town as they all have something special to offer.