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Amana ColoniesAmana Colonies

The Handcrafted Escape

by David Rettig
April 3, 2015

Our tag line is “Amana Colonies, The Handcrafted Escape”; does that mean that everything you find in the Colonies is made by hand?  The simple answer to that is not everything but the tag line refers less to the products than it does to your experience.

You see, we have so many different things to do here in the Colonies you can literally handcraft or design your visit based on your individual interests.  If you are interested in cuisine and food you can sample your way from one end to the other as we have meats, cheeses, beers, wines, baked goods, chocolates,  and more.  Are you interested in history?  Our museum will show you a great 20 minute video on our history; you can take a guided tour, or a self guided tour.  Is your thing art?  Our numerous art galleries will let you explore to find your style.  Maybe you’re a treasure hunter; we have antique shops that specialize in local finds and those that are more exotic.  Is shopping more on your agenda?  You’ll find all types of shops from ladies fashion to fabrics and quilts.  Want to get away from it all?  Our nature trail, bike trail or a stay in one of relaxing B and B’s or Hotels will certainly refresh you.

As you can see, your Amana Escape can be handcrafted just for you.