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A Tradition of Great Food

by David Rettig
March 30, 2016

The Amana Colonies are famous for food, whether it’s the family style meals that have their roots in the old communal kitchens or the hams and sausages from our smokehouse or our sweet fruit wines and beer, no trip to the Colonies is complete without indulging a little.

But if you think that your only food options are the same traditional Colony foods you’ve always enjoyed you’re in for a surprise.  We also have hand dipped chocolates, numerous flavors of fudge, gourmet coffees, wood fired pizza, and new sausage flavors.  Our restaurants have special entrées, salads, and sandwiches along with plated dinners.  There’s cream soda, root beer, and seasonal beers at our brewery while several of our wineries offer dry dinner wines from classic and Midwestern grapes.  The options continue to grow including several festivals that focus on foods.

The perfect time to discover our foods is mid-April when we urge you to “Take A Bite”.  That’s the name of our new four day food festival.  You can read more about it on our events section of this website.  Whether you enjoy our traditional favorites or branch out for something new one thing remains constant, everyone eats well in the Amana Colonies; it’s a tradition.